Key To Fundraising Success

Engagement is about meaningful communications that show donors tangible results of their support and motivate them to give and promote your organization. These communications are key to retaining and engaging your constituents.

Email Marketing For Campaigns, Appeals & Events

The Empower Giving  easy-to-use email marketing solution enables you to send beautiful emails and newsletters to spread the word about your campaigns, appeals and events. Customize your message to target specific audiences using segments within your email distribution list and track open rates, click throughs, opt outs, and more.

Donor Personas

Segmenting donors by giving levels is a great way to create specialized messages for your supporters to increase their commitment to the next level.

Donors developed through personal outreach by your board, development committees, volunteers and your president or executive director can be segmented to provide donor recognition and deepen their connection.


Campaign strategies that include email marketing, physical mail, phone calls and in person visits are more successful when the message is specific and personal. Segmenting your donors produces relevant and valuable messages that your recipients are more likely to read and respond to.

Communications with donors, non-donors, LYBUNTs, SYBUNTs, volunteers, prospects, sponsors, etc. have more impact when the communication is tailored. Customizing your message, ask timing and ask amounts to different segments results in increased donor support and interest.

Automated Donor Acknowledgment

After purchasing event tickets or making a donation through EmpowerGiving™, donors automatically receive a thank you email using custom and templated responses to give a personal touch and a written acknowledgement with a good faith estimate of the value of goods or services provided as required by the IRS.


Benefits of Segmenting

0% Increased email click-through rates
0% Increased open rates
0% Trimmed unsubscribes
0% Companies saw increased revenue

Other Key Features